2020 Year 6 Camp – a fantastic adventure and triumph for all


2020 Yr6 Camp 36In Term 4 week 3, eighty-five Year 6 students had the ‘time of their lives’ at their Camp at Rottnest Island. It was a week long adventure filled with challenges and triumphs. We started the week very early and travelled to Perth to board the Ferry. On the journey across to the island we were accompanied by dolphins, a whale and its calf, all very exciting.

The weather was perfect and set the scene for an amazing week full of bike riding, swimming and exploring the island. All three groups succeeded in the challenging ride to the West End, fears were faced and overcome on the speedboat, and knowledge was instilled on the sustainability and history tours. Plus our students had plenty of laughs and encounters with very friendly Quokkas.

2020 Yr6 Camp 4It was a fantastic camp. Staff and parents attending were exceptionally proud of the resilience of all students when faced with the challenges of camp. The students’ confidence and independence grew each day and we were all impressed with the amount of empathy and random acts of kindness the children shown throughout their time on Rottnest Island.
Cathy Allsopp and Adam Dehring

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