Inquiry 2020 – the BIG questions – Sustainability Expo


Inquiry 2020 - The Big Questions - Sustainability Expo 1Wow, Wow, Wow – Friday the 4th of December was yet another amazing day at Vasse PS. The day began with an opening ceremony with very special guests. Mayor Grant Henley opened the event and Libby Mettam MLA attended. This was then followed by talks from local groups and businesses who work in conservation and sustainability.

Our Year 3-6 students have spent the last semester exploring their BIG QUESTIONS in ‘Inquire 2020 My Sustainable World’ which culminated into a fantastic day to celebrate our learning. The Year 3-6 classrooms have been transformed into creative hubs where our students presented their own BIG questions on sustainability. Some of the concepts the students have explored are; How can we save our water? What are fossil fuels and what is the connection between fossil fuels and microplastics? Where will I live? (sustainable housing). What impact does the production of clothing have on the environment? What characteristics make up government climate policies and what changes can be made to improve the current ones?

Many of these questions were answered by our Special Guest Experts who presented and discussed their research with our students and gave them tips on how to make our world more sustainable. We also had our own Q&A with Mr K asking our Expert Panel some of our BIG Questions.

Inquiry 2020 - The Big Questions - Sustainability Expo 2 Inquiry 2020 - The Big Questions - Sustainability Expo 3 Inquiry 2020 - The Big Questions - Sustainability Expo 4

  • Busselton Jetty – Amy & Jacqui showed us about reducing plastics at our birthday parties and in turn helping to conserve our sea life.
  • Busselton Water –  Ella, Katie and of course Hydro who showed us ways to be water wise.
  • City of Busselton – Transport Sustainability Officer Carolyn Ryder, talked about reducing our eco footprint by walking and riding our bikes.
  • City of Busselton Recycling Education Officer Hayley Bullimore talked about what we can recycle and how we can work towards zero waste.
  • Geocatch – Felicity Bradshaw and Lisa Massey talked about biodiversity, demonstrating how the reduction of habitats impact our native animals and the importance of seagrass in Geographe Bay.
  • Geographe Community Landcare Nursery – Rod Cary discussed the benefits and importance of growing local native plant species in the southwest for rehabilitation and our home gardens.
  • Green Teach SW Team (teachers and friends of the environment) George Mardon, Peter Eckersley, Sandra Fussel, and Christopher Phillip chatted to groups of students about becoming a ‘Nature Ninja’, showed us microorganisms in petri dishes and the importance of a working waterway system as well as advocating David Attenborough’s ‘A life on our planet’. fb @GreenTeachSW
  • Landsave Organics – Brent Burns & Lisa Pointon showed us the amazing world of soil biology and the importance of the billions of microorganisms in just one teaspoon of soils, and how we can improve our soils at home and commercially.
  • Marine Parks WA – Rangers Eden Baxter & Ian Anderson talked about what they do in helping to protect our local Marine park. Our students enjoyed role playing in a fishing game that taught the kids acceptable places to fish, minimum size and the quantity allowed to be caught of each fish.
  • Return it – Adam & Mark discussed the operation located in the Busselton LIA, and the benefits of Cash for Containers. Return-It gives customers a 10-cent refund for each can, plastic or glass bottle returned. A great way for kids to save up some pocket money and save the environment at the same time. We also have a P&C Scheme ID if your kids would like to fund raise for our school. Vasse PS P&C scheme ID is C10312557.
  • Humble Bicycle Co – Rex came along and provided an express safety-check of students bikes as part of our Sustainability Expo. Two lucky students received vouchers from Humble Bicycle Co.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our visiting experts who contributed and engaged with our students and their work in their classrooms and listening to their concepts.

Finally thank you to our Parents who once again supported this event by visiting our classrooms where our students presented their Inquiry concepts and demonstrated their learning. An amazing day with phenomenal work presented our ‘Inquire 2020 My Sustainable World’ Expo was a great success.

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