Kindy Busy Bee – Thank you to our amazing supporters!


2020 Kindy BusyBee IMG 4410On Sunday the 8th of November we had our Kindy Busy Bee. It was very humbling to have so many families and teachers working together to create a better play space for our students. A special thanks goes out to Luke and Chloe Kelly who transported and renovated a fort donated to the school by the Christensen family. A shout-out to Liam and Tia Slater who let us borrow their ute and trailer to remove the old sand. A massive thank you to Mark Kain from Abbey Earthworks who saved us so much time with his bobcat skills and helped us with the removal of old sand and replacing it with beautiful white sand.

Lastly, but not least, our great Kindergarten team Mrs Toner, Mrs Willmott, Mrs Gordon and Mrs Anderson who cleaned out the Kindy equipment shed. We can now see what equipment we have, and everything has its own special place! Thanks Ladies.   

Families that supported our Busy Bee:  2020 Kindy BusyBee IMG 44092020 Kindy BusyBee IMG 4411

  • Liam and Tia Slater
  • Luke and Chloe Kelly
  • Amy Syphers
  • David Rowlands
  • Emma Davis
  • David Kinnell
  • Shawn Brewer
  • Ryan Jones
  • Marie Dutheil
  • Andrew Watson
  • Plus 8 amazing Year 11 students from St. Mary Mackillop College

Companies that supported our Busy Bee:

  • Soils aint Soils: Plants
  • The Tube Nursery: Plants
  • Everyday Potted Plants
  • Will Norris Tree Lopping Service
  • Nathan Don KD Bobcats2020 Kindy BusyBee IMG 4412 2020 Kindy BusyBee IMG 4408
  • Abbey Earthworks
  • Landsave Organics
  • Reece Plumbing (Margaret River)
  • Leeuwin Civil

Thank you all for your wonderful support and donations to our Kindy Area!

Our next project for the kindy playground is a Ball and Water run, Shelves for our mud kitchen and logs to make a community circle in the sandpit…Watch this space!

Jessica House