Mothers Day: Year 1’s Beeswax Wraps


This year the Year 1’s made beeswax wraps for their Mum’s Mothers Day presents. This was a trial run by the sustainability committee to see if we could successfully make them at school and it worked!

As we move towards an era of sustainable practises at VPS, we hope to make more beeswax wraps and other plastic alternatives. This will help to make them affordable and accessible to our school community with the goal of reducing the use of single use plastic.

We hope you will use our class-made beeswax wraps to wrap a sandwich, a couple of biscuits or a muffin before adding to your child’s lunchbox! Making them at home with materials from local businesses costs approx $1.40 per wrap, much cheaper than buying them or even than buying cling wrap all year.

Miss Ellie Macaulay

Mothers Day: Year 1'S Beeswax Wraps 1