Thank you P&C – Icy Poles & Picnic Tables

Thank You P&Amp;C - Icy Poles &Amp; Picnic Tables 1

This term has seen some wonderful P&C initiatives come to fruition just in time for P&C WA Day!
Thank you to our P&C Team who work behind the scenes to achieve great things for our whole school community. Why don’t you become a P&C Member today – and connect with other like-minded people who want the best for our kids! Click here to find out more.

Special thanks to the Huntington Family who have gone above and beyond with Nit Week Rewards and more.

Nit Week has been a team effort with Tommy and his classmates from Room 15 painting our beautiful boards. Each board made 400 tokens. Patrick from Room 23 helped design them and chose squares to help reduce wastage as circles would have had lots of extra wasted board. Patrick is on the Sustainability Green Team and thought this was the best option. Tommy helped to sort and to cut. Patrick aided in the delivery of the tokens to all the classes. Nit Note Rewards day in the Hive was a HUGE success with 420 chips returned. We opened, cut, and handed out so many icy poles!

It was an awesome effort and I am pleased to say that 95% of the students said “thank you” during the token/icy pole exchange. Super proud and impressed with our students being their best.

Carly H.

The wonderful VPS Picnic tables that our students are now enjoying, dotted around the school grounds was another collaborative effort with Dale enlisting his boys and a few other school dads have been amazing in assisting in putting them together and transporting them to school.

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