The VPS Canteen is open Monday (pre-ordered Lunch orders only), and Tuesday – Friday (Full Menu) during term. Closed on Mondays.

And a Canteen Voucher.

VOLUNTEERS – please help us to provide fresh food to our staff and students.

Our canteen is run by the P&C and we need volunteers to cater to our growing school.

So Mums, Dads, Grandparents…WE NEED YOU!
Earn a canteen voucher and Faction Points.
One volunteer is needed for the canteen shift 9:30 -11:45 am Tuesday – Friday. Please do not bring children to your rostered shift.

All volunteers will need to complete

  1. Volunteer Declaration Form
  2. City of Busselton Food Safe Food Handler Training Program online at Free using code FSBUSSE314

Current Canteen Menu

How to place a Canteen Order

OPTION 1. Click on the link or in your browser window type and follow instructions. Place your order before 8.30 am on the day of order.
OPTION 2. Write your Name, Room Number, and lunch order on a paper bag. Insert correct money, fold over bag, and post in Canteen Letterbox.
OPTION 3. Go into the canteen and the staff will assist you.