Vasse Primary School, an Independent Public School, retains a distinctly rural character in a semi-suburban location. This is a school with clearly articulated values and its particularly pleasing rural ambiance which contributes significantly to a ‘sense of place’ for students.

Learning is more than an academic pursuit; it is a ‘total picture’, which provides a balance between a student’s intellectual, physical, emotional and relational needs. To support this approach we create an environment where People (relationships), Place (belonging) and Pedagogy (learning and teaching) are prioritised.
Students have an opportunity through the use of Play Based and Inquiry learning to develop their curiosity and questioning skills in a rich and engaging environment. To further enrich our students’ learning we provide a wide range of specialist areas to complement the core learning curriculum. The school offers unique programs in Music, Art, Dance/Drama and Physical Education, Health and Well-being. The school actively promotes inclusive pastoral care and fosters the development of social and emotional well-being.

About this Plan

This Business Plan has been developed in conjunction with students, staff, parents and members of the wider community. It sets a clear strategic future for the next four years which will support our students to be successful lifelong learners.
The school, along with the School Board, will actively monitor the school’s performance through a variety of measures involving staff, students, parents and community. These measures include academic performance (e.g. National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy – NAPLAN), non-academic performance (e.g. attendance), satisfaction rates (e.g. surveys), and governance (e.g. reviewing operational plans).
This plan is presented in three forms, an overview document, a booklet and a working document. Each level of planning provides a deeper dive into the school’s planning process.

Current Business Plan 1

Our People • Our Place • Our Pedagogy

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Current Business Plan 2
Current Business Plan 3
Current Business Plan 4
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