Kathy Walker Learning is a holistic approach to teaching and learning that has an emphasis on developing students to become independent learners, critical and creative thinkers, and build resilience and a sense of self.

Since 2015 Vasse Primary School has implemented this approach across our Kindergarten – Year 2 classrooms. The staff have participated in training and professional development and are passionate and committed to implementing this approach with integrity and authenticity. We are currently establishing ourselves to become a formally recognised Walker Learning school within the South West Region.

The Walker Approach provides our students with a balance of investigative play based learning and hands on experiences that is supported with our structured and explicit teaching programs. Throughout this approach we have a strong focus on building literacy and numeracy skills, whilst allowing students to practise applying these skills to real life situations. Our aim is to develop the whole child and prepare them for the 21st century by fostering soft skills such as, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility.

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