Vasse Primary School has created a dress code that we believe is fair and in the best interests of all. The code is in line with the Department of Education’s recommendations and follows clear guidelines.

The policy was recently accepted by the School Board where it was endorsed as a school policy.

We would appreciate your support in the application of this policy as we feel it is important to school morale and pride.

The school has a responsibility to encourage the safe use of head wear and the hat policy will be in place during the months that contain an “r” (i.e. February). Students are not required to wear a hat during the months that don’t contain an “r’’.

If the month has an R, then you’re wearing a hat
If it doesn’t then you don’t, it’s as simple as that. 

This ‘hat’ policy has been in effect since March 2017.

Dress Code Policy

Vasse Primary School community actively encourages the wearing of school uniforms and strongly recommends that all items are clearly labelled and identifiable.
Uniforms are seen as desirable for a number of reasons:

  • They promote identity with the school;
  • They promote pride in the school;
  • They encourage a sense of unification and belonging
  • They eliminate competition in dress issues;
  • They allow for ready identification of school members on excursions and thereby promote student safety.

Uniform Supplier

Our school uniform supplier is
UNIFORM CONCEPTS Busselton Super Store
33 Bussell Highway, West Busselton.

Regular Hours
Tuesday – Thursday • 9am – 5pm
Saturday • 9am – 12pm
tel: 08 9270 4663
eMail: [email protected]

The Busselton Super Store stocks a full range of uniforms for all our local schools.
Cash & EFTPOS payments accepted. Online ordering and lay-by facilities available.
Click to download the current VPS Uniform Order Form

School Uniforms

BOTH Boys and Girls:

  • School logo Black bucket hats
  • School logo Black/White polo shirt*
  • School uniform black micromesh shorts
  • School logo Zip Jacket
  • School logo black track pants (blue/white piping)
  • School logo faction shirts (Green, Red, Blue, Gold)*

* Please note: Plain black long sleeved T-shirts can be worn under uniform shirts during the winter months.


  • School uniform black Zina skirt
  • Plain black tights/stockings (no coloured stitching, motifs or additions)
  • School uniform dress (blue chequered)


  • Black shoes are recommended as a part of the main uniform.
  • White “sneakers” are recommended for sport.
  • Sandals are acceptable.

Special Events

There are several issues related to the wearing of uniforms in special circumstances.
For interschool sport and faction carnivals students need to wear school our faction colours, as appropriate. There may be different footwear requirements for various activities and appropriate directions will be given.

For public level presentations (e.g. Choir) children may have the privilege of participating but will need to wear school uniform.

Attendance to school excursions requires uniforms to be worn to allow for easy identification of students.


Students not following the dress code will receive:

  • A note to parents advising of incorrect dress
  • Counselling from a designated staff member on the benefits of a dress code
  • Assistance/support in obtaining suitable clothing, if necessary; and a pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification

Students who still do not comply with the school’s dress code will be denied the opportunity to represent their school at:

  • Official school activities
  • Choir performances
  • Interschool sports competitions
  • Class excursions

Other Matters

  • Hair near shoulder length will need to be tied back
  • Make-up is not accepted at school
  • Jewellery – Earrings studs and sleepers acceptable
  • Bangles are not acceptable for safety reasons
  • Digital/Analog Watches and “medic alert” bracelets are acceptable

Whilst the school will actively encourage all aspects of school uniform,
it will respect cultural and religious exemptions.

The school will implement strategies to acknowledge and promote individual and whole class wearing uniforms.

Families suffering financial difficulty in supporting the dress code may approach the Principal or P&C President privately and in confidence.
*The Uniform Policy on school dress may be reviewed if the need arises.

Uniforms 1
2017 Winter Uniforms Dsc 5767
2017 Faction Uniform Dsc 5761
2017 A Uniform Dsc 4587