We all know head lice in schools can be a real problem! The Vasse Primary School P&C Association commenced the Nit Week initiative in 2016, which has been a resounding success by dramatically reducing the incidence of head lice within our school. Nit Week is Week 5 of every school term.

The purpose of Nit Week is to tackle nits as a whole school group. If we ALL check, and where necessary, treat our children at the same time we will help minimize the spread of nits throughout the school.

It’s simple really:Nit Week 1

• Check ALL your children – even if you don’t think they have nits.
• Treat your child if nits are found. *Conditioner works really well – see method below.
• Comb out all the nits and eggs.
• Repeat this process in 7 days if nits are found.

Parents/Guardians are expected to check their child’s hair for Nits and treat during week 5.

A link to an ONLINE NIT NOTE form will be sent to parents via DOJO (School Story) to complete by the end of week 5 – Sunday. The form will have a cut-off time so please fill out at your earliest convenience. Nit notes will not be accepted after cut-off.

  1. The Parent/Guardian must complete the online form.
  2. Tokens and a student list will be delivered to the Classroom on NIT NOTE REWARD Day (first day of week 6).
  3. Before lunch classroom staff will hand out tokens to students from the list.
  4. At lunch on REWARD day, students can head to the Hive to swap their token for a FREE icy pole.

The wet combing method is a cheap and effective way to treat head lice. The conditioner doesn’t kill the lice but it briefly stuns them, making it easier for the nit comb to trap and remove the lice and eggs. If you decide to use chemical treatment, it is important that you follow the instructions closely.

Source: HealthDirect