Welcome to Vasse Primary School.

Established in 1869, Vasse Primary School has a long and proud history.  Once a small rural school, Vasse Primary School now accommodates approximately 800 students.  The school enjoys a strong family-focused, warm, and welcoming culture that aims to create curious and creative learners.  This culture is built around our three priorities of Relationships (people), Belonging (place), and Learning (pedagogy).

Our school has been in its current location for 153 years and in that time it has gone from a solitary building surrounded by farmland and bush to an ever-growing and evolving community. The school provides learners with intellectual, creative, and innovative learning opportunities.

The school is a leader in Early Childhood Education play-based learning. This platform positions students strongly to respond to the school’s highly acclaimed Inquiry Learning process. Supporting the students’ development in Inquiry Learning, the school has a focus on the explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy.

Vasse Primary School’s pastoral care programs and practices are a significant feature of the school. The school teaches emotional intelligence using the RULER program. Friendology develops students’ skills and capacity to establish and maintain quality relationships. Other initiatives such as the Kitchen Garden, Monday Club, EdConnect Mentors (volunteers), and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) further enhance and support the development of our students.  

Over many years the school has been a treasured part of the Vasse community and this deep connection continues to this day. 

I welcome you to the Vasse Primary School community.

Alex Cameron

Principal'S Welcome 1