Welcome to Vasse Primary School, an Independent Public School.

Situated in the townsite of Vasse, our school boasts a rich history spanning back to the mid-1800’s. The Vasse region has grown with two housing developments increasing enrolments in excess of 800 students.

‘Multiple Intelligences’ challenge schools to meet the individual needs of all learners, unlocking the talents, gifts and potential of each and every student with whose successful development we’re entrusted. We support parents in wanting the very best for their children.

As educators at Vasse PS we want our children to be academically robust; significantly astute; physically sound; artistically creative; morally and ethically prepared; self-reliant and independent in their learning; technologically adept; media-wise; globally and environmentally aware.

The challenge of meeting the needs of tomorrow’s young adults is impressively met at Vasse Primary.
We have an experienced, well-qualified, enthusiastic body of staff; outstanding specialists in Music, Art, Dance/Drama, LOTE and Physical Education: attractive grounds and buildings; excellent teaching and learning resources; and the energy and will to help children joyfully discover and develop their potential.

The best we can achieve for each child will be the result of partnerships; strong relationships between staff, students and parents, but also with other schools, local businesses, services and other government and non-government organisations.

Working together we can achieve success which results in lifelong learning.

At school, we build on the foundation laid by parents and we encourage parents and carers to become actively involved in school life. Parents can assist in this partnership by ensuring their child is fully equipped to take full advantage of all that is offered at the school. Please encourage and talk to your child as much as possible.

We look forward to a happy and productive year.


VSB Principal SimonMansfield IMG 5810

Simon Mansfield