Sustainability 1

The staff at Vasse Primary School believe that learning and implementing sustainable practices is integral to being a valued contributor to our community. Sustainability is also a cross-curriculum priority and as such, we have continually promoted sustainable practices throughout the school from K-6.

Sustainability 2 Vasse Primary School has developed a school garden where the students instigate, monitor, labour and celebrate wholesome practices and life-long skills to help them engage their senses. The students all have a voice in the garden and are encouraged to be collaborative and supportive in all activities. The produce is primarily used in the canteen, which is in return, given back to the students.

In 2020 Vasse Primary School encourages students to have no rubbish in their lunchbox, called ‘nude food’. Each classroom records the amount of nude food per day and the most waste free classroom is awarded the golden plant for a week.Sustainability 3



The entire school is involved in a variety of sustainability exercises and responsibilities, including:

  • K-Year 2: Reducing the waste produced in the school
  • Year 3: Creating produce in the garden
  • Year 4: Collecting compostable material from the school
  • Year 5: Reusing unwanted material
  • Year 6: Recycling waste

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