Vasse Primary School began implementing PBS in 2012 with the purpose of establishing, a safe, supportive and positive learning environment.

THREE expectations have been negotiated.

  3. Be your BEST

PBS places a major focus on prevention, and the following key elements help to create a safe, positive and productive learning environment:

  • We explicitly teach our expectations to provide students with the skills and understandings to reinforce the high standards of the expectations.
  • The expectations for all students are clearly displayed throughout the school.
  • Our expectations specifically address bullying behaviours, provide for a safer school environment and give more time for instruction.
  • By detailing expected behaviours and teaching these to students in a positive way, we provide a common language for everyone at Vasse Primary School.
  • We give students positive feedback for displaying the expected behaviour via “Superslips” in the playground, “Dojo” points in class, weekly Merit Certificates and verbal recognition. Parents of students who demonstrate notably positive behaviour receive notification.
  • We respond to unproductive behaviour through conferencing, reflection sheets (accompanied by reflection time/ time-out) and re-teach sessions. Information is recorded on the School Information System. Parents are contacted, in writing, to notify them of the offences and consequences incurred.
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Positive Behaviour Support (Pbs) 1

Tap the PBS Behaviour Expectations Poster (above) to download.