2022 Graduation Ceremony & Dance

2022 Graduation Ceremony &Amp; Dance 1
2022 Graduation Ceremony &Amp; Dance 2

On a beautiful evening last Friday, 9th December, we celebrated 120 Year 6 students, many of whom have been at Vasse PS since Kindy, as they graduated at an official ceremony, in front of family and friends, local dignitaries and guest presenters.

Parents and invited guests filled the Quad in anticipation of the arrival of the Year 6 students.

Deputy Principal Beth Foster opened the ceremony and invited the audience to welcome our latest graduates, as they strolled over to the stage seating for the last time. They walked with pride, dressed to impress, befitting this Year 6 cohort ready to start the next phase of their life in high school next year.

Congratulations to our 2022 Students Councillors; Ava, Oscar, Zalia and Xavier who hosted the formal proceedings with humour and confidence.

Congratulations to all our Award Recipients and all our Year 6 Graduates – you have made us all very proud at Vasse PS and we wish all the very best in your journey to adulthood.

Inquiry Awards: Max B, Charlotte W, Kai B, Maili M.
Presented by Mr. Ted Callow and the Year 6 Teachers.

Visual Art Award: Jimi McI
Presented by the Mrs. Libby Mettam MLA and Mrs. Jane McKimm, Art Specialist.

Performing Arts Award: Sunny A
Presented by the Hon. Nola Marino MP and Miss Lauren Smith, Dance and Drama Specialist.

Music Award: Abbey B
Presented by Mayor Grant Henley and Mrs Karen Bigwood, Music Specialist.

Kaardijin Award: Evelyn C
Presented by Mayor Grant Henley and Miss Gemma Bynder, Aboriginal Islander Education Officer.

Science Awards: Oliver C and Shelby G
Presented by Mrs. Kate Reading, with Ms. Cara Tennant and Mr. Matt Fraser

LOTE Award: Oscar C
Presented by Mrs. Rose Harrington and Ibu Jodie Tucker.

Health & Wellbeing Award: Cooper W
Presented by Miss Bonnie Forrest-Gellard and Mrs. Tiffany Adair, Health & Wellbeing Specialist.

Sports Person Award: Jarrah H
Presented by Dr. Steven Thomas MLC, and Mrs. Nadia Farmer, Physical Education Specialist.

Sports Person Award: Grace H
Presented by Mrs. Rose Harrington and Mr. Will Norris, Physical Education Specialist.

Naturaliste Masonic Lodge Outstanding Progress Scholarship Award: Alex W
Presented by Mr. Howard Bunt and Ms. Cara Tennant.

Lions Club of Busselton Consistent Achievement Scholarships Awards: Oliver G and Oliver W Presented by Mrs. Anne Merton, Mrs. Janine Shaw and Mr. Matt Fraser.

The Cape Naturaliste College Scholarships Awards: Amarli A and Kyran C
Presented by Mr. Rob Nail, Mrs. Janine Shaw and Mr. Matt Fraser.

Citizenship Awards: Jayden F and Emily H
Presented by Ms. Samara Hartnett, and Ms. Cara Tennant and Mrs. Janine Shaw.

Dux Award: Chloe P
Presented by Mr. Lyndon Miles, P&C President and Mrs. Amy Sefton

Thank you to our Sponsors and Presenters for your continued support, generous contributions and attendance at our 2022 Graduation Ceremony
• Callow’s Office Choice
• Brain Spice, Bunbury
• The Honourable Nola Marino MP
• Libby Mettam MLA
• Dr. Steven Thomas MLC
• City of Busselton
• Rotary Club of Busselton-Geographe Bay
• Naturaliste Masonic Lodge
• Lions Club of Busselton
• Vasse & District Community Centre
• Vasse Estate
• Cape Naturaliste College
• Vasse Primary School P&C Assoc. Inc

2022 Graduation Ceremony &Amp; Dance 3

And thank you to the Year 6 parents who transformed the Hive into a night sky of ‘Outer Space’ for the Graduation Dance. Each year the effort put in by the school community is amazing.