Chicken Club Winners at the 2023 Busselton Show

Chicken Club Winners At The 2023 Busselton Show 1

Vasse Primary Chicken Club at the Annual Busselton Show

This year, Vasse Primary School has implemented a new initiative aligned with our business plan, focusing on the engagement of our students through a sense of belonging and connectedness to our school community. As part of this initiative, Chicken Club has been introduced, taking place every Wednesday and Thursday during playtime. This club provides students with the opportunity to form new friendships with the assistance of our beloved feathered companions, Cinnamon Scroll, Apple Pie, and Curry Puff. These three Hyline hens bring joy and love to our students and also teach them about responsibility, compassion, and care, aligning with our school values.

It is important to note that our chickens are cute, funny, and affectionate but also make great companions in the schoolyard. As part of Chicken Club, students can observe the chickens and learn from their interactions within the hen house. Through these observations, the chickens teach our students about compassion, animal husbandry, and sustainable living practices.

In addition to the club activities, the Chicken Club recently had the opportunity to participate in the 2023 Busselton Show (3-4 November) Poultry Division Competition. Previously, there was a challenge in finding a suitable category for our Hyline hens, as agricultural shows typically only showcase purebred animals. However, the Busselton Agricultural Show went above and beyond for our students by creating a new category in the Junior under 14 section called Crossbred Backyard Chooks. This enabled our Vasse Chicken Club chickens to participate and showcase the students’ newly acquired animal husbandry skills.

Preparing the chickens for the show was no small task, and it required the efforts of our senior Chicken Club members. They tirelessly washed the chickens multiple times with different solutions, ensuring every speck of dirt and grime was removed. They paid meticulous attention to cleaning around the delicate facial features of the hens, blow-dried their feathers, and oiled their legs. Additional care was taken to ensure the hens were pest-free and in good overall health before the show.

The excitement among the students was palpable when Apple Pie won 1st prize and champion hen for Crossbred Backyard Chooks. This success was the result of the hard work and dedication of her team, including Caitlyn Bruse, Kalani Walker, Saffron Ninness, and all our other club members who put in tremendous effort to ensure our hens looked their best for the show. It was a proud moment for our school to see the support from Vasse Primary families, who also entered their pet chickens in the show. Many Vasse families’ chickens won prizes on the day, and we are grateful to Vasse Vets for sponsoring this division and for their support and care with our school chickens.

The participation in the Busselton Show was a significant milestone for our Chicken Club, further highlighting how this initiative connects our students to the larger community and provides them with valuable experiences and opportunities to showcase their learning and skills. We are proud of our Chicken Club members and the achievements they have accomplished, and we look forward to continuing to foster compassion, responsibility, and sustainable practices through our beloved hens.
Mrs. Kylie Van Ranzow (Chicken Club Coordinator)