Footy Fever has hit Vasse Primary

Footy Fever Has Hit Vasse Primary 1

VPS Guernseys Grant

AFL Schools launched a National Schools Grant in 2023.  On behalf of Vasse, I applied for the Guernseys grant and we were successful candidates. 

It’s been a lengthy process to get our very own guernseys. With the assistance of the 2023 Year 6 students and Steph Argyle we created our very own Vasse Primary AFL Jumpers. 

I am thrilled to announce the AFL Guernseys have finally arrived. Our current Year 6 AFL Football team will wear them loud and proud at the Interschool Winter Carnival on Friday 14 June.

Faction Footy

Faction Footy is back at Vasse Primary. It is an intra-school program that offers boys and girls the opportunity to learn footy skills in a fun, safe environment with friends in their school factions. At Vasse PS, the program runs every Thursday lunchtime for 5 weeks in a round-robin tournament that includes Finals and Prizes.

A BIG Thank You to Mark Nicoski from the West Coast Eagles and Matt Chave from the West Australian Football Commission for providing all the Prizes, Football Bibs, and Footballs to our school.

AFL Football Clinics

During Week 6 of this term, Vasse Primary was fortunate enough to have Matt Chave from WA Football Commission to run a footy clinic for a variety of year groups ranging from Year 1 to 6 during the students’ Physical Education (P.E.) lessons. Matt covered a wide range of footy skills in a fun and exciting way which engaged our students to be their best.

Once again, a big thank you to Matt Chave from WA Football Commission for developing a wonderful relationship and dialogue with Vasse Primary School and promoting this wonderful grant.

Nadia Farmer
Physical Education Specialist

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