GolfWA Tee off with students at come & try!

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GolfWA visited Vasse PS on Mon 28 March to begin their ‘Crunch & Sip Regional Roadshow’ in the Southwest Region.

Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed a free lesson / come & try golf opportunity with qualified & accredited golf coach Jordan, who gave our students tips on how to stand, hold the club and handy techniques so everyone had fun as they watched their own and other’s shots improve.

All equipment was provided, including soft golf balls and teeing off mats (protecting the school oval) and a mini competition with students in groups of three, scoring with a point system based on aim and distance.  Some of our kids showed natural talent for the game.

Thank you to Jordan and Golf WA for bringing this opportunity to our school and hopefully instilling a love to play golf!

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