My name is Imogen and I am a member of this amazing table tennis club and we play Wednesday evenings! 

So let me tell you a bit about this table tennis club.The people that work there are really nice. They are really good teachers and they even have a machine that feeds you the balls so you can hit them back. And don’t worry if you know nothing about table tennis they teach you everything you need to know. But soon I won’t be able to play because there isn’t enough people so they will have to shut it down.

We play a lot of fun stuff in table tennis and at the end of the session, two or more people get maccas (McDonald’s) vouchers. And your first time at table tennis is FREE (so come and give it a go!). Also on your first time you get a maccas voucher too! So please come to this amazing table tennis club before it’s too late.

Imogen, Yr 5

For more info click the image below or email [email protected]

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