Outdoor Play & Vasse Fathering Project

Outdoor Play &Amp; Vasse Fathering Project 1

Outdoor Play Donations

We are looking for donations to enhance our outdoor play areas around the school. If you have any of the following items lying around or can in the backyard/work places we would love the following donations! 

  • Large Cylinders
  • PVC pipes and joiners 
  • Wooden pallets (in good condition, eg smooth edges, no nails)
  • Large spools 
  • Seatbelt webbing 
  • Wool, string, buttons etc
  • Material/sheets/hessian, ribbons 
  • Pine cones
  • Bamboo
  • Cuttlefish, shells 
  • Hanging baskets 
  • Small planks of wood 
  • Feathers
  • Large Sticks (for building cubbies and small log cut offs 
  • Old large pots and pans 
  • Old peelers, metal kitchen utensils, tools 
  • Crates 
  • River stones, limestone rocks, 
  • Storage tubs/shelves 
  • Other loose parts that students can build and create with! 

Please collect and drop off at Room 12 or the Early Childhood area.

Vasse Fathering Project – Vote Now!

The Vasse Primary School Fathering Project is alive and well and has some great events in the planning for this year so keep your eyes out for newsletters or the Face Book page – Vasse Primary School Fathering Project, for regular updates.

The group has lodged an application with the City of Busselton for funding through the You Choose Program and we would really like all eligible parents and family members to consider voting for our project of a Multi-Use Trailer.

The outline of the proposal is on the website which can be accessed via the City of Busselton – see the flyer here.

The trailer will enable the Fathering Projects groups at all schools in the local area to have access to a fully self-contained, safe and practical storage unit for all the events and activities we currently do and any that we may take up in the future.

It will also give us the availability to be able to fund raise and have another revenue stream for items for schools or local community needs.

VOTE NOW – Voting ends on the 17 Feb 2022 with the results announced in April so if you could spare a few minutes to vote for us both the group and your kids will thank you.

Brian Blanchard
Vasse Primary School Fathering Project.

You Choose – Community Funding Program

Remember the You Choose program is about creating community, it isn’t about just voting for projects that you are connected with in some way. Vote for the projects you think will have a positive impact on the community. You have $100,000 to spend and this is your chance to make it count.

We recommend that you use a desktop computer to complete the voting.