Please meet our 2023 Student Leaders

Please Meet Our 2023 Student Leaders 1

On Friday the 10 February and the 17 February the senior student cohort listened to speeches by self-nominated Year 6 students hoping to be voted in as one of the four Student Councillors or one of the two Captains for their Faction. The audience listened attentively to some very inspiring speeches before they cast their votes.

We are delighted to announce our Vasse Primary School 2023 Student Leaders are:

Student Councillors
Jack D
Leila M
Angus M

Hayley T

Faction Captains
Bardinar – Gypsy-Rose H and Blake H
Djidong – Archer B and Bonnii E
Koomal – Noah C and Keshi M
Kwooyar – Ray A and George R

Congratulations to these Student Leaders for 2023. These students will be role models for the whole school community and will exemplify our School Expectations to always Be Responsible, Be Respectable, and Be their Best!