Sustainability 2019 at Vasse PS


Sustainability 2019 At Vasse Ps 1Let’s clean up our mess Vasse PS!
2019 is the year that Vasse Primary School takes responsibility for their mess!


It’s time for our school community to become more sustainably minded. After collecting and analysing the waste from one day at school in 2018, we found that the school produces an astonishing amount of waste – Plastics (154,000 pieces per year) and Food Waste (4347 kg per year) being the most alarming.

A school community group has been established to promote, educate and provide support to sustainably reduce the waste brought into the school. Each week there will be nifty ideas, recipes and facts about reducing waste to engage students and parents.

If you would like to be involved with other passionate parents and teachers, please contact Matt Davy in Room 9.

How can you help? Bring your lunch in a reusable container or beeswax wrap!

Sustainability 2019 At Vasse Ps 2