Term 3 Nit Week on now (week 5)


Hi Everyone – it’s that time of term again when we can defeat these pesky little critters as a whole school.
Nit Notes were delivered to classroom Monday. Your child/ren will bring home a Nit Note in their school bags this week.

Please check your child’s hair and treat (if necessary) for head lice over the week and weekend (Student Free Day Fri 21 Aug).
Complete and sign the Nit Note and give to your child to hand in to the P&C representative in the Undercover Area on Monday 24 Aug to recieve a FREE ICY POLE. (*No signed Nit Note slip = no reward. Social media messages will not be accepted.)

For more information on this Vasse P&C initiative, please click here.

Term 3 Nit Week On Now (Week 5) 1