Vasse PS Learning Journey and Inquiry Expo Day

Vasse Ps Learning Journey And Inquiry Expo Day 1

“Wow, Wow, WOW!!! What an amazing day!”

 “It was so wonderful to see all those proud faces and wonderful conversations in the classrooms. Every single child I spoke to knew their big question and information about it so well done!!” 

Mrs. Sefton – Principal

Vasse Primary School students celebrated their Learning Journey and Expo Day on Wednesday 13 September 2023. The day started out with wild, wet, and windy weather causing a power outage first thing in the morning but thankfully the power was restored and the day brightened with an assembly in the Hive opened by special guest Mr. William ‘Uncle Bill’ Webb, Noongar Elder and Pop to one of our students who recited the Welcome to Country in Noongar and spoke to our students about the noongar language and what it was like growing up on this land when he was their age.

Vasse Learning Journey & Inquiry Expo Opening Assembly

It was enchanting listening to Uncle Bill’s story. Our Choir then led us in the Australian National Anthem followed by an address by Principal Amy Sefton who talked about the significance of ‘Culture’ being the theme for our 2023 Inquiry Expo. The VPS choir once again led the school beautifully singing ‘Bindi – Bindi’ written by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse. It was a fitting tribute to finish the assembly with a Smoking Ceremony set by Elder Uncle Bill. 

Vasse Ps Learning Journey And Inquiry Expo Day 5

‘The smoking ceremony is a traditional Noongar ritual used to not only cleanse and purify a specific area but it cleanses the spirit, body and soul whilst you are on Noongar Country. It also helps to ward off warra wirrin – bad spirits and to bring in the blessings of the kwop wirrin – good spirits.

The leaves and shavings from the balga (grass tree) smolder and the smoke purifies the area and prepares for a new beginning. This ritual of purification and unity – signifies the beginning of something new.’


Our firepit was covered with peppy tree branches, creating a sweet-smelling smoke for students, staff, and parents to walk through as they left the assembly and headed back to class for Parent Tours. 

From 9:30 – 11 a.m., our Kindy to Year 2 Parents were invited to explore their child’s learning journey in the classroom. And Year 3 to Year 6 parents were invited to see the culmination of their child’s learning which encompasses an array of very different subject displays created by students who have their own individual “Big Question” and delve deep to find the answers through our Inquiry-Learning question pathway of Connect • Clarify • Combine • Create • Communicate.

At 11 am the festivities continued with a Musical Choir Performance in the Hive plus an amazing array of international foods prepared and served by Parents. Students were able to sample a feast of Churros from Spain; Irish Stew and Potato Bread (5 ways) from Ireland; Mexican Tajin with fresh fruit, Serbian Pita, Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Satay Chicken and Bakwan (vegetable fritters); Fish crackers from Cocos Island; Ukrainian Ricotta Pancakes; Indian Curry, Dutch mini pancakes and french sausage rolls, Egyptian meat pies as well as Kangaroo and Emu sausages with Kakadu Plum.

After recess, class tours commenced so students learn about out each other’s answers to their big questions.

Thank you to all our parents and staff who donated food and their time to help make our Vasse Expo day a success.