Why did the Chicken cross the Quad?

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Quad? 1

To get to the Chicken Club!

Selected Vasse Primary School (VPS) students gather on Wednesdays during lunch playtime for Chicken Club. These students interact with the chickens teaching compassion, animal husbandry, and sustainable living practices. Chickens are cute funny and affectionate making great schoolyard pals. Just like cats and dogs, chickens need physical and mental stimulation to live healthy and happy lives. We would like to add physical elements to our chicken coop to encourage them to explore, exercise, and perform their natural behaviours with environmental enrichment.

The students from Chicken Club this term will be focusing on enrichment to benefit our hens by planning, creating, and introducing a variety of tasty chicken treats, toys, and musical instruments. The Chicken Club students will incorporate new items and switch up their enrichment schedule weekly to maintain an engaging environment for our chickens. To lessen sisterly squabbles over the favourite hen house toys we’d like to provide them with multiple items at once so they can choose to interact with what makes them most happy.

In keeping with VPS’s Sustainability ethos of recycling we are seeking the following donations (in good clean used condition). See examples below;

  • wooden toddler-size jungle gym/ wooden climber/ wooden ladder
  • child’s wooden swing
  • wooden ramp
  • 2 large wooden nesting boxes/ 2 enclosed kitty litter boxes (the current nesting boxes are too low for the hens to enter and maneuver around comfortably)
  • cat/dog toys that can be filled with food treats
  • small hanging mirrors (to feel a part of a much larger flock)
  • bells and xylophone (to make chicken tunes)

Thank you.
Mrs. Kylie Van Ranzow