2023 Year 6 Rottnest Camp

2023 Year 6 Rottnest Camp 1

During our camp experience (Term 4 Week 3) we went on a thrilling jetboat ride with wonderful hosts that made the experience even more exciting. We were constantly moving at incredibly high speeds jumping over the waves and crashing down wind rushing and everyone screaming. Everyone was more than happy when we experienced live adult and baby humpback whales coming just meters away from the boat.

Along our journey, we also saw seals resting on a rock along the outlines of the island. Right next to this, we saw the students doing the West End ride when they were stopping for their lunch break. At the end of this jet boat experience the host of the boat rode around doing doughnuts while the boat was sideways. This was definitely the most thrilling part of the ride and the best way to end it. 

Jasper & Charli

At camp, we went to Oliver Hill, an underground war bunker. Oliver Hill was used to defend Fremantle from invaders in World War I and II. On top of Oliver Hill is a large gun that was used to fire huge artillery shells to protect the coastline. We were also told that there was a decoy gun next to the old lighthouse a few kilometers away. The old lighthouse was next to the basin(a very popular swimming location).

We went down a narrow and steep path that led through to the underground tunnels. Lots of people were claustrophobic, but everyone was very excited about having the chance to explore the different rooms within the bunker and learn about the history of Oliver Hill. They taught us about how the artillery shells were fired and how they were made.

Olivia & Layla

Ninety-three Year 6 students had the ‘time of their lives’ at the 2023 Rottnest Island Camp. It was a week-long fun adventure with days filled with interesting tours, activities, and challenges.

The week started very early catching the bus to Perth to board the Ferry. The weather was magic and set the scene for an amazing week full of bike riding, swimming, and exploring the island. All four groups succeeded in the challenging rides around the island, experienced excitement on the speedboat, and saw whales, sea lions, and dolphins. We learnt about the history of the island, plus our students had plenty of laughs and encounters with very friendly Quokkas.

Staff and parents attending were proud of the resilience of students when faced with the challenges of camp. The student’s confidence and independence grew each day as they completed different tasks and worked together as a team. We were all impressed with the amount of empathy and acts of kindness the children showed throughout their time on Rottnest Island.

Thank you to the awesome parent helpers and the staff for taking time out of their busy schedules to make life-long memories for our Year 6 students.