Spare Parts Puppet Wilfrid captivates kids

Spare Parts Puppet Wilfrid Captivates Kids 1

This week, the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre visited our school to perform the story of Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox.

The children were mesmerised by dear 96-year-old Miss Nancy, who forgot her friend Wilfrid, (there was an audible sigh when she recognised him again, when her memory returned) and they laughed and giggled at Mrs Pollard’s scary story about the bats who ate children! (She was playing Mrs Hosking who told scary stories in the nursing home – a bit too scary, thanks Mrs Pollard)  Mrs Bigwood was pretty convincing as the retired, concert pianist, too. 🤗

Mrs Gloria Gibellini (our retired Librarian) made a special appearance back at school, and Frankie and Bobby’s grandfather, Keith Taylor showed us his cricketing prowess (mmm, apologies to the little boy in the front row) Thanks to Terry Thompson, Janet Dickinson, Penny Swingler and Kate Reading – members of our Vasse community, past and present, for joining us to take the special roles of the residents in the nursing home as well. 

There were so many poignant moments in the play and it was quite apparent that the children were touched by the content. They asked some interesting questions at the end, too, really demonstrating their involvement and enjoyment. 

A truly awesome experience.

Mrs Bigwood and Mrs Pollard
Music Specialists

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