Vasse in Verse 2023 – poetic fun for everyone

Vasse In Verse 2023 - Poetic Fun For Everyone 1

“Vasse in Verse is a fun, exciting day of the year at school. It’s a thrill to get up on stage and say a poem. The nerves, the excitement, it’s the best! I like watching people smiling, laughing, and clapping for you. You get that feeling that you’re a whole different person saying ‘You can’t go to school today’ or whatever poem you’re acting out. 

Sure it’s scary but standing there… you agree, but it feels like you’re famous! I like hand-shaking the winner or high-fiving them because it feels good to acknowledge you lost and decide to appreciate the winner. So if you ever get up on stage don’t be worried, be nice and have fun!” 

Noah – Year 5 finalist

Over the last few weeks, students in years 1 – 6 have been busy learning and reciting poems to their classmates. Winners from each class were chosen and took part in their year-level finals. One student was chosen from each year level to compete at the 2023 Vasse in Verse Assembly in the Quad on Wednesday 22 November.

Vasse In Verse 2023 - Poetic Fun For Everyone 8

Our judges, the adorable Mrs. Adair, the magnificent Mrs. McKimm, and our chaplain, sensational Sam, had an extremely hard task of choosing the ‘best of the best’ from our very talented Poets, with only one to be crowned the 2023 Vasse in Verse Poetry Cup Champion.

Congratulations to our finalists;

  • Year 1 – Finn S recited “Spaghetti” by Shel Silverstein
  • Year 2 – Ollie S – “Tiny Todd the Turtle” by Kenn Nesbitt
  • Year 3 – Theo R – “Greedy Little Grace” by Andy Griffiths
  • Year 4 – Hazel McD – “Dreams” – own work
  • Year 5 – Noah P – “Sick” by Shel Silverstein
  • Year 6 – Jack D – “Michael Rosen Rap” by Michael Rosen

The judges departed to deliberate and choose the winner… And drum roll, please…

Congratulations to Jack D – Year 6 finalist – a visual triumph with handmade props, expressive voice and a hip, a hop, a hip hop hap, Jack captivated the audience with his performance and stage presence, bouncing along to the Michael Rosen Rap!
All finalists received a book award and here is Jack with the perpetual trophy and award.

Vasse In Verse 2023 - Poetic Fun For Everyone 9