Vasse Fathering Project Magic Camp-out

Vasse Fathering Project Magic Camp-Out 1

The 4th Annual Vasse Fathering Project School Camp Out was on Friday the 24th of November. It was once again a fantastic night with 107 Dads, Father Figures, Grandads and kids attending. Everyone spread out around the oval edges giving each other space for a planned good night’s sleep. The cricket games was continuous throughout the day, night and morning with lots getting involved.

The main attraction for the night was Magic Dale and his amazing Magic Show who kept the kids busy with his roaming magic while everyone was settling in and setting up. Magic Dale’s main interactive show was in the Hive (undercover area). He had many students assist with his show and everyone, adults and kids alike, loved the show and gave lots of positive feedback.

For many kids it was the their first ever Magic show and they loved it! Following the show the students enjoy a “Just Dance Glow Disco” we even got our Dad’s and Father Figures up and Dancing. The night was finished off with a hot chocolate before bed. In the morning the early-risers were up and about and the coffee van arrived nice an early, some slept well others not, however, it’s the memories and experiences that count in life and again events like this create those memories. 

Thanks again to everyone who helped out on the night and morning. Lots of Dads and Father Figures jumped in at point of need to make sure everything worked. Special shout out to Joe Davis who made a great hot chocolate, Chef Dan who always comes through with the goods, Fresh Corp who sponsored all the fruit and fresh veg and onions and the Capel Police Station who lent us their Police light tower.  

Join the Dads Leaders Group 2024

There was another Dad leaders group meeting last Wednesday at Tonic (thank you to Chamiel Walker, Joseph Davis and Kent Isaacson for attending) and helping in planning 2024 Vasse Fathering Project events. More hands are needed on deck so If you would like to get involved in the Leadership Group please message us through the Facebook page.

Proposed Events planned for 2024:

  • Term 1:
  • Dad Leaders Group Meeting Wednesday 7 Feb at Tonic at 7pm
  • Paper Planes, Spaghetti Bridge and Plaits Friday 1 March at 5pm.
  • Dad’s Only Lawn Bowls Tuesday 12 March.
  • Term 2:
  • Dunsborough to Meelup Walk Sunday 26 May at 10am.
  • Term 3:
  • Dunsborough Country Club Bike Ride Sunday 25 August at 10am.
  • Term 4:
  • Dad’s Only Lawn Bowls Tuesday 22 October
  • School Camp Out Friday 22 November

I will be taking a Year off in 2024 to travel around Australia with the family and we need some other Dads to jump in an continue the great work of the leadership group. Since 2020 we have now run close to 30 events and engaged over 2000 people in the events. The group is about creating a network of Dads in the school, Dads and Father Figures meeting other others in the school, getting Dads into the school environment, modeling positive male behaviors in kids lives, adventure and having shared memorable experiences with other Dads and Father figures.

Rob Reynolds
Vasse Fathering Project Magic Camp-Out 11