Can you imagine! Printing food, then eating it!

Can You Imagine! Printing Food, Then Eating It! 1

On Tuesday of Week 9, some of our Science classes were treated to a special lesson on 3D food printing.

Emma and Joe from Edith Cowan University’s Medical and Health Science department ran four consecutive lessons demonstrating how 3D printers can reduce food waste and create delicious meals of any design. They explained how huge amounts of food are being wasted each year, and instead of foods being sent to landfill, they can be processed using specialised 3D printers.

Students loved the engaging lesson and tasty treats! We printed a map of Australia out of strawberries and beetroot powder. It tasted like strawberry sorbet. We also sampled freeze dried apple, which was crunchy and really sweet. 

A big thank you to Emma and Joe for their time, expertise, and yummy food samples.

Ian Ferguson
Science Specialist Teacher