Civics and Citizenship Incursion for Year 6’s

Civics And Citizenship Incursion For Year 6'S 1

On Wednesday Maggie Kennedy-Piper, Presenter of Civics Education from the WA Electoral Education Centre visited our Year 6 students, once again, to deliver a programme funded by the WA Electoral Commission that includes;

  • A brief overview of the three levels of government in Australia 
  • Federal and State parliament information
  • Importance of voting in a democratic society
  • The systems/processes involved in voting at an election
  • Students participate in a voting activity.
Civics And Citizenship Incursion For Year 6'S 2
Today, the 20th of March, Mrs K-P came from the Western Australian Electoral Commission in Perth to teach the Yr 5’s and 6’s about democracy and the Australian Government.
She taught us about preferential voting and gave us a heads and tails quiz about levels of Government and responsibilities of the Government.
We ran a class vote of our favourite lollies; Kit Kats, Mars, Skittles and Maltesers. Mars bars were the favourite. In conclusion, we are so grateful. Our class really enjoys this topic.
Thank you Mrs K-P for an amazing incursion. Please visit again soon.
Sienna & Joshua (Room 2, Year 6).