2022 VPS Faction Cross Country

2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 1
2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 2
2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 3
2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 4

On Friday 12 August, students from Years 1 to 6 competed in the Sports Faction Carnival Cross Country event. 

Years 1 to 2 ran one full lap. Year 3’s ran two full laps. Year 4’s ran three laps, Year 5’s ran four laps and Year 6’s ran 5 laps of the course which included both the school and community ovals. Each competitor who finished the course earnt points for their faction and added to the tally on Vasse PS Faction Carnival day.

The top runners in Years 3 – 6 will be selected for the VPS Cross Country team to compete in the 2022 Interschool Cross Country in Margaret River on16 Sept 2022.

Well done to all students who participated. See our Winners below, an amazing effort by all.

Cross Country Results:

2022 Placing Name Faction
Year 1 Girls 1st Elvina F Kwooyar
  2nd Ayla B Djidong
  3rd Scarlett J Djidong
  4th Summer G Bardinar
Year 1 Boys 1st Hamish McR Bardinar
  2nd Xavier S Koomal
  3rd Ruben I Kwooyar
  4th Jordan G Bardinar
  4th Archer L Bardinar
Year 2 Girls 1st Zara H Koomal
  2nd Kaydence B Koomal
  3rd Abigail W Djidong
  4th Amelia P Kwooyar
  4th Pippa W Kwooyar
Year 2 Boys 1st Ari W Koomal
  2nd Zeon B Djidong
  3rd Harrison R Kyooyar
  4th Lachie H Bardinar
  4th Levi A Kwooyar
Year 3 Girls 1st Ebony B Djidong
  2nd Leah A Djidong
  3rd Halle R Kwooyar
  4th Dakotah W Bardinar
Year 3 Boys 1st Harrison G Bardinar
  2nd Samuel F Kwooyar
  3rd Leonard L Bardinar
  4th Ted W Koomal
Year 4 Girls 1st Evie C Koomal
  2nd Bronte McD Koomal
  3rd Tanami W Kwooyar
  4th Evelyn C Bardinar
Year 4 Boys 1st Ari S Koomal
  2nd Jack D Koomal
  3rd Izaac H Bardinar
  4th Brodie D Koomal
Year 5 Girls 1st Hayley T Djidong
  2nd Bonnii E Djidong
  3rd Ray A Kwooyar
  4th Ayla McK Kwooyar
Year 5 Boys 1st Blake H Bardinar
  2nd Jackson C Kwooyar
  3rd Ajai B Djidong
  4th Levi R Djidong
Year 6 Girls 1st India L Djidong
  2nd Seiarna W Kwooyar
  3rd Amber W Kwooyar
  4th Grace G Djidong
Year 6 Boys 1st Lucas W Koomal
  2nd Nathan P Koomal
  3rd Oliver C Djidong
  4th Ollie G Bardinar
2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 5
2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 6
2022 Vps Faction Cross Country 7