Live Jazz and Classic Guitar Ensemble Rocks

Live Jazz And Classic Guitar Ensemble Rocks 1

On Friday 3rd May students in Years 4 to 6 had the opportunity to see live music when Geographe Bay Music members of Jazz 2 and the Classical Guitar Ensemble visited Vasse. 

The high school students enjoyed an overnight camp rehearsing and collaborating with Donnybrook DHS to produce a great mix of toe-tapping jazz tunes and melodic string sounds. 

It was exciting to see lots of ex-Vasse students playing with such expertise. Many started instrument training in Year 5 as part of the Instrumental Music School Service. The performance opened with the amazing voice of Scarlett and continued with the school’s guitar ensemble. Then the jazz bands took over playing some great tunes – even featuring a guest performance from Mr Cameron as the “Bluey” voiceover.  😊

Live Jazz And Classic Guitar Ensemble Rocks 2

There were 15 former Vasse PS students in the band – very proud moments for Mrs Bigwood and Mrs Pollard (whose son was on the cool bass guitar up the back). 

Such an inspiring event for the next generation of budding Vasse musicians!

Live Jazz And Classic Guitar Ensemble Rocks 3
Former Vasse PS Students: Charlize, Hannah, Lauren, Neve, Sarah, Max, Scarlett, Kai, Dylan, Zac, Elsie, Chloe, Ava, Ronin and Mrs Pollard, Ben, Mrs Bigwood.

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