Year 3 & Year 4’s Community Clean-Up

Year 3 &Amp; Year 4'S Community Clean-Up 1

Our Year 3’s 4’s went on an excursion where we collected litter around Busselton on Wednesday of week 2 and week 3 of Term 2 which ties in with our Inquiry theme of Sustainability for this year.

On Wednesday 24 April our Year 4’s went on an excursion where we collected litter in Abbey and West Busselton.

The purpose of this excursion is for students to recognise and relate to the pollution in our environment. Students will clean up to assist the community, its plants, and animals and view firsthand, the problem caused by waste/litter.

With gloves and tongs supplied by the City of Busselton, students were enthusiastic and surprised by the amount of rubbish collected in our local area over an hour-long session. On our return, we were visited by Hayley Bullimore, the Sustainability Officer at the City of Busselton who spoke to us about the importance of taking our rubbish with us, when we leave.

On Wednesday (1 May) my class went on an excursion to the beach to pick up rubbish. They put us into groups. I was with Jarrah and Zaden. We went past Tonic by the Bay. We walked about one and a half km’s. At the end we had to sit at the back of the bus.

Lachlan Rm 27.

On Wednesday (1 May) we went to the beach to pick up rubbish. My bus partners were Mila and Mackenzie. Firstly, on the bus we talked about dream and nightmares. When we go to the beach we started walking along the sand and we found lots of cigarette butts. 

Secondly we found a dead bird and a dead possum and reported it to Geoctach. We met Miss Clark at the rocks, then we were starving so we walked along the path. When we got on the bus we felt proud.

Summer Rm 27.

On Wednesday (1 May) our excursion was picking up rubbish. We went to Geographe Bay. We brought tongs, gloves and bags. I went in a group with Elsie and Thea. When we got down to the beach we already found a cigarette butt in the sand. Next we went over the sand dune and found a tennis ball and a broken wine glass. After that we moved down the beach to the bush. We found lots of rubbish. I had fun.

Amelia Rm 27.

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