Inquiry Expo 2022 – Wow, wow WOW!

Our Year 3 – 6 students outdid themselves this year communicating their inquiry learning, finding the answers to their one BIG QUESTION.

  • Charlotte investigated Coles, Aldi and Woolworths to discover which is the most sustainable.
  • Did you sign Zac’s Petition to COB requesting a Seabin in Geographe Bay?
  • Keshi discovered how we can make our city sustainable.
  • Reef wondered whether kinetic energy will be the energy of the future and how sustainable is kinetic energy?
  • Plus Willow and Ella picked up this much rubbish around school in one day. Another reason to Refuse • Reduce • Reuse • Repurpose •Recycle.

Special thanks to;

  • Amy Gornall from Busselton Jetty who showed us the effects of plastics in our ocean and on marine life and how we can help to prevent this.
  • Charlie Mgee who sang about sustainability in a mini concert. The Hive was buzzing as the kids swarmed in at recess and sang and danced along with Charlie.
  • Plus our Dance & Drama extension team gave an intriguing performance in the Quad during lunch.

A day enjoyed by students, parents and the whole school community.