Masterpiece Photo Booth & more Activities


There was much fun, laughter and SCREAMS in the Music room on Arts Day this week. Our school participated in it’s first “Masterpiece Photo Booth” featuring art inspired by artists Leonardo da Vinci, Edvard Munch and Frida Kahlo. Many thanks to the students of Room 27 who created these awesome pieces.

The dress up Frida Kahlo wall was, by far, the most popular booth of the day with Dads and Granddads enjoying it just as much as everyone else.

Learning about the history of these paintings: The Mona Lisa, The Scream and Frida Kahlo Self Portrait; and plotting the subjects emotions on the Mood Meter made for some interesting conversation (and faces!).  Mrs Adair

Activities in the Quad

We had a giant Mood Meter set up on the stage near the play pod area. Classes came along during the day and plotted ‘how they’re feeling’ by decorating a post-it note and sticking on the quadrant it belongs to.

The weather turned out to be sunny and perfect for our ‘Yarn Stick’ activity where participants wrapped yarn around sticks to make an “amazing” art piece which decorated our tree near room 12.

And we had some brilliant buskers performing at both recess and lunchtime, adding to the ambience of the day.

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