NAIDOC Week at VPS – For our Elders

Naidoc Week At Vps - For Our Elders 1
Naidoc Week At Vps - For Our Elders 2

The whole school has celebrated NAIDOC week early, starting with a special Assembly on Monday 26 June. The Hive was abuzz with an awesome poster display plus selected classes while the rest of the school watched live from their classrooms.

It was a harmonious assembly with everyone singing the Wanjoo song by Gina Williams, and the beautiful Bibbulumun Bonar: Six Noongar Seasons Song.
During recess and lunchtime, many students had their faces painted and braided bracelets.
This year’s NAIDOC theme is, For Our Elders. Our students have been reflecting on
What do our Elders mean to us

  • I love and appreciate all of these people (Kiyu, Rm 4).
  • My Elders are my history (Seth, Rm 4).
  • They’re very old! They’re special because they’re my Nanny and Grandad (Franklin, Rm 26).
  • Because they teach us a lot of stuff and they’re very smart … (Bailey, Rm 21).
  • They pass down special traditions (Kade, Rm 9).
  • They tell you stories (Malachai, Rm 9).
  • They are very loving! They’ve been on our Country for a long time. They let me have treats (Aurora, Rm 25).
  • Our Elders pass traditions and special times down the generations (Eli, 9).
  •  They our are ancestors, they created our history (Emmy, Rm 9).

Room 12 students have been reading and retelling the Aboriginal Dreamtime Story, ‘How the Birds got their Colours’. This story originates from the Bardi People of Broome, W.A. Inspired by the story and Aboriginal Art (colours and patterns), our class worked collaboratively to create two bird artworks. This provided a brilliant opportunity for our students to appreciate Aboriginal Art and the importance of Dreamtime Stories whilst also developing our own artistic talents and collaboration skills. Mrs. Farmer

Room 24 – During NAIDOC week, the Year 2 students have been learning about Dreamtime stories and the use of symbols and dots in the artwork. They have created their own pieces of art.  Mrs. Hargrave

Room 4 – NAIDOC Poster 29 individual pieces of art coming together for 1 whole artwork using the colours of the earth and ocean. Mrs. Mackenzie

In Art, our Yr 3’s made a Pictograph story, using indigenous symbols to represent their story.

Room 31 – While investigating the NAIDOC theme of “voice for generations”, we talked about things we have learnt from people who are older than us. We created a handprint campfire and created symbols of males and females sitting around in a yarning circle with speech bubbles explaining things they have learned from important older people. Mrs. McDonald

In Room 23 we have been learning about Noongar Numbers. We created a poster of numbers to 10 but we can count to 20 in the Noongar language! We also read the story of the rainbow serpent and coloured a snake scale to represent a part of the story or patterns and symbols seen in the illustrations. We have read the Noongar first words book by Jayden Boundary. We have learnt some new Noongar words and have created posters to help us remember them. Mrs. Tancred