Noongar language on Int’l Indigenous Day

2022 T3 Intl Indig Peoples Day IMG 1381

Today we reflected on the United Nations annual International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in Australia.

Our Pre Primary students are learning to write and pronounce our whole school sports faction colours in our local Noongar language.

These students will also assist our Aboriginal & Islander Education Officer (AIEO) Ms. Gemma Bynder to create educational Noongar language videos for the whole school to learn the correct pronunciation and spelling of these words.

During numeracy today we worked with the number ’12’ in silence, which is one of the 8 aboriginal ways of learning. The students engaged well in this way of learning and really enjoyed this strategy.

Mrs. Jack Buntain
Pre Primary Teacher

2022 T3 Intl Indig Peoples Day IMG 1375
Noongar Kala Colours IMG 0596