Room 11 had a special visitor today.

2021 T2 Vps Libby Mettam Img 6166

2021 T2 Vps Libby Mettam Img 6126

As part of their Inquiry into Civics and Citizenship, Year 5 students had a visit from Ms Libby Mettam MLA BA, MPA today for a 45min Q&A in the classroom. Students had 19 pre-prepared questions to ask Ms Mettam, such as “Why do we need a government and what impact would it have if we didn’t have one?”, “Did your lifestyle change when you got elected?” and “What is the best thing about your job?”.

2021 T2 Vps Libby Mettam Iimg 6148

During the Q&A, Ms Mettam was interviewed live (via mobile) on the radio by 6PR’s Liam Bartlett, in the classroom where students were able to listen in. It was an insightful and engaging discussion of life as a politician enjoyed by all the students and staff.

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