Tabloid Carnival fun on Friday

2021 T1 Tabloidcarnival Dsc 4229
Friday proved to be an outstanding success as students in Years 1 to 3 participated in their Tabloid Carnival.
Students were placed in mixed year level teams and competed in 20 mini games over the 3 hour carnival.
These games included; Classic Catch (where students scooped up a ball then propelled themselves onto a high jump mat); Egg a & Spoon races; 3 legged races; and Mr Adams favourite, the T-Ball home run (where students sprinted from 1st to 2nd then 3rd before flying in the air to land on home base –  which was sitting on 3 gym mats to cushion their arrival). The weather was perfect for this event, which was interrupted by the students’ favourite game – running in the sprinklers, which came on every 20 minutes.
Teachers also had a great time dodging the water and ensuring students stayed sun smart, by keeping on their hats, t-shirts & sunscreen.
Grant Adams • Phys Ed. Specialist Teacher

2021 T1 Tabloidcarnival Dsc 4234

2021 T1 Tabloidcarnival Dsc 4232