Big Questions at Vasse PS Culture Inquiry Expo

Big Questions At Vasse Ps Culture Inquiry Expo 1

On Friday 3 Dec we had our 2021 “Culture Inquiry” Expo day. It is the culmination of the students’ hard work and the final step in communicating their learning. The day began with an Assembly opened by Gina Williams performing the Welcome to Country followed by Deputy Principal Rob Reynolds welcoming our special guests: Hon. Libby Mettam MLC; Hon Jackie Jarvis MLA; City of Busselton’s Cr. Paul Carter & Jacqui Happ; Bunbury Cr. Amanda Yip. the councillors discussed Migration; Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse performed Wandoo for students; Scott Pearce talked about his time in Japan with COB Sugito Program, Terry Best discussed the culture of the Busselton Lions Club; Malcolm Jennings showcased Geology, Rocks and Mining culture; Gemma Bynder (Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer) worked with students creating sand drawings and rock stories; Ibu Jodie Tucker (LOTE – Indonesian) showed students how to make kites and the Selendang Sutra Indonesian Dance Troupe from Perth brought Indonesian instruments for students to try and then entertained us with a beautiful, vibrant dance; followed by Taiko-On Drumming Group who workshopped with students (what an experience) and then wowed the crowd with their amazing percussion show. Plus we had some amazing international foods prepared and served by Parents. Students were able to sample a feast of African, Portuguese, Italian, Lebanese, Indonesian and Polish foods.     

This year’s theme was “Culture” which encompassed an array of very different subject displays created by all Years 3 to 6 students who came up with their own individual “Big Question” and delved deep to find the answers through our Inquiry-Learning question pathway of Connect • Clarify • Combine • Create • Communicate, at the beginning of Semester 2. Parents were invited to tour the classrooms in the morning and the PP- Year 2 classes were also able to visit in the afternoon.

Some of the Big Questions included;

“What is the Inuit Culture and how has it changed since the settlers came?” Fergus used QR codes that directed you to an audio Interview with an Inuit Elder, as well as corresponding photographs to really immerse the audience.

“Where do wild horses live in Australia and how are wild horses selected, caught and broken to become a pet or working horse?” – Seiarna created a poster and a video to communicate her Inquiry. 

“How is the surfing culture in Fiji different to the surfing culture in Australia” – Ari brought in a surfboard to display his work and created a diorama with answers to his questions.

Blaze & Jimmy were curious about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings and created informational posters as well as designing an atom bomb and bomber aeroplane in Minecraft and gave us a tour through the plane. 

“Why does a Giraffe have a long neck” – Zac pictured with Mr Reynolds, drew and painted a giant giraffe poster, created a picture book and with a little help from Dad built ‘Zak’s Kraal’ with other African Animals.

“Who are the Mursi people [of Africa] and what skills have helped them survive” – Amity (pictured with Libby Mettam) wore a traditional costume, created a poster, 3D model and a Kahoot! questionnaire to communicate the answers. 

“Do the landmarks in Egypt have special cultural meaning to the Egyptians in the Ancient World.” – Ajai & Ollie.

“What are the characteristics of the Amazon Rainforest and how has it changed” – Amarli created a poster and book.

“Which Country in Asia Pacific Region has the largest relationship with farming, and if they stopped, what changes would they have to do to adapt to their new lifestyle?.” – Jaxon created posters and a quiz game about the different types of farming with the prize being a high five!

“What animals live in the Amazon Rainforest and do they have unique features?” – Zavier created a poster on the Electric Eel and the Sloth, a flyer, a booklet and a 3D pentagon with information about these creatures.

“How does the Cambodian Government system work and what are some key characteristics of the Angkor Wat Temple?” One of Elsie and Emma’s answers “The Cambodian government system is a multiparty democracy. The governing charter declares Cambodia to be a peaceful independent country. One key characteristic of the Angkor Wat Temple is the mysterious dinosaur carvings that are either stegosaurus or pangolin. The girls had homemade Cambodian sweets at their stand for students to try.

“What is the culture of Greenland and is any of that culture in Australia” – Eban created a diorama, a Venn diagram, a word find puzzle, mind-map and more to communicate his answers.

What an amazing day enjoyed by all. Thank you to our special guests, presenters, parents and staff who made this day another success.

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