‘Surf’s Up’ with Team Ocean and Team Africa

'Surf'S Up' With Team Ocean And Team Africa 1

Surf’s up!

On Friday Team Ocean, Room 9 and I went surfing at Smiths beach.

We arrived at the beach and started the long journey to our surf instructor, Crystals van. The sun was beating down on us the whole walk. Chloe, Fathima, Amy and I were all in the first group to go surfing.

I slipped my sandals off and my white T-shirt and started to put on my wetsuit, it was a bit uncomfortable but at least I could move in it. We put on our backpacks as group 2 was slipping their wetsuits on and we started to climb the rocks. I left my sandals at the beach so the jagged rocks hurt so much on my bare feet. The plants scraped my feet as I walked.

The beach was so beautiful with its clear water and the waves softly washing the shore. I walked in the water and one of the instructors told me it wouldn’t be so cold if I put my head under. I did, it was true. A female instructor taught one half of group 1 how to be safe and how to stand up. When we entered the water it wasn’t as cold as I swear it was before. I got to take the pineapple board with sunglasses out. I started paddling out into the blue water to meet an instructor. He pushed me into an amazing wave and I felt as if I was flying across the water. The wind in my loose hair felt spectacular. Then I attempted to stand, and fell straight into the water. When I surfaced I took a great breath of fresh air, and a bit of sea water.

I took my board and tried again. This time when I was flying through the water I looked up and saw my mum with a smile glued to her face. I tried to stand and this time I succeeded! I was so happy I did the biggest smile and felt bubbly inside. I continued failing and succeeding. I absolutely had an amazing time and was disappointed when other teams went. The rest of the day I sat chilling on a beach towel and eating food until I went to join my other friends  Keshi, Riley and Amy with Chloe.  Chloe and I played frisbee and Chloe accidently hit me in the eye. 

Then it was time to leave. It was so hot on the sand I walked in the dirty water just to cool down. That was absolutely the best day of school this year.

by Leila

#Surfs UP Team Ocean!

On Friday 25 November I woke up late because I had a dance concert the night before until 10:30, so when I woke I was really tired.

As usual when it’s a sports carnival, surfing or dance concert; my dad plays rock music on really high volume.
We had to wear free dress to school so I wore some shorts and my favourite t-Shirt with my sneakers. You were allowed to use the wetsuits that Crystal – the surfing coach-supplied; but I brought my own. I was so nervous that I could barely eat; but my mum somehow brought me to eat a little bit of muesli.

When I got to school (I missed the bus) I saw everybody in school uniform. I thought it was the wrong day, but when I got to my classroom I saw everybody in free dress (WHAT A RELIEF!). Miss Smith gave us important information about the snakes and what to do when we got off the bus. Then we lined up outside our classrooms – Team Africa next door came with us – and boarded the bus. I sat on the window side up the back with Fathima, Amy, Leila and Chloe. Fathima was my bus partner, and we started off playing “Don’t Break The Windows” and “Would you rather”. We passed the end of my colossal road and pointed it out to Fathima. For the rest of the trip we sang our favourite songs from “Descendents” 1, 2 and 3; while playing “I Spy”.

Our bus driver was Danny. I know him quite well because he is my normal bus driver that drives me to and from school every day. When we finally arrived at the beach, we all trooped down around roughly 120m stairs and across the beach to Crustal’s 4-wheel drive. We got changed into our wetsuits and filed over to the other side of the rocks. The two classes were divided into three groups; the groups were ordered in what time they were going surfing (only one group could go ata time because there were so many people.) I was in group 3, so my group was last.

In the waiting time (a couple of hours) I started making a tiny hole that reached water, then Indy -Rose and Charlize helped me make more and join them together so before long we had a giant fort. The boys near us made a valley with a river and tried to fill it in with excess sand. When I finally went into the beautiful water, I had one of the best mini-groups ever. From Team Ocean I had Kalani and Indy, from next door I had ella. My groups instructor was called Matt and was really nice. I caught quite a few waves, one I rode perfectly all the way back to shore; then at the end, I got really tired and once simply rolled off the board without even standing up.

My favourite part was definitely meeting new people and friends. The only bad thing was that I got REALLY bad chafe that I still have now four days later! Apart from that, it was one of the best life experiences.

By Nina C

'Surf'S Up' With Team Ocean And Team Africa 8

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