2021 Academic Excellence Book Awards

2021 Academic Excellence Book Awards 1

On Wednesday the 8th of December, students, staff and parents came together to celebrate a year of learning and growing together at our Annual Class Book Awards Assembly.

Two students from each class were recognised for displaying the schools expectations of being your best, being responsible and being respectful throughout the year.

The Year 6 students had a place of honour on the stage, shared their Graduation song and left the assembly to the upstanding applause of the whole school for the last time.

Congratulations to all of our students who have worked hard and achieved so much throughout the year.

  • Rm 1 Xavier L, Levi F
  • Rm 2 Jimmy T, Jaya M
  • Rm 3 Eva S, Maddie H
  • Rm 4 Suraya B, Xavier B
  • Rm 5 Oscar C, Ava A
  • Rm 6 Kai W, Charlie W
  • Rm 7 Grace H, Cooper W
  • Rm 8 Joey A, Caitlin B
  • Rm 9 Amity B, Charlize D
  • Rm 10 Keshi M, Riley W
  • Rm 11 Kyran C, Emily H
  • Rm 12 Dudley D, Indriya N
  • Rm 13 Arie W, Pippa W
  • Rm 14 Xander K, Finn R
  • Rm 15 Casper S, Eve C
  • Rm 18 Elvina F, Oliver S
  • Rm 19 Hazel McD, Hayden L
  • Rm 20 Violet C, Malachi C
  • Rm 21 Lani W, Imogen B
  • Rm 22 Katie K, Ebony B
  • Rm 23 Reef S, Grace R
  • Rm 24 Poppy G, Noah W
  • Rm 25 Ethan A, Lilly K
  • Rm 26 Archie G, Miranda B
  • Rm 27 Levi A, Brodie D
  • Rm 28 Eban W, Summer C
  • Rm 29 Reuben W, Olive W
  • Rm 30 Anja M, Ebony D
  • Rm 31 Tanami W, Ethan R
  • Wicked Patch Kitchen: Sienna R, Harrison S
  • Sustainability: Grace F, Joey S

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