P&C Colour Run – the kids loved every minute

2021 T2 Colourrun Img 5775
2021 T2 Colourrun Img 5780

Thank you to all the amazing support on our first P&C Colour Run. It was a huge success with over 40 amazing parents and school staff helping out on the day.

A great effort by everyone and Mrs Jones Year 2, Room 22, won the Class Pizza Party Prize with a massive effort of over $600 raised from the class. There were nearly 3000 raffle entries with the 16 winners announced at today’s Special Assembly. Congratulations to our winners and all involved. The feedback has been amazing! And we raised $12,000 – Wowsers – an awesome effort.

2021 T2 Colourrun Img 8975 “Wow how amazing is our school!! Thank you to everyone who helped out! My kids loved it!!” “Absolutely awesome, so grateful to be part of such an amazing school 💗 “Actually brought a tear….the smiles on every single child’s face. You are all amazing!” “Love this. It was so much fun the kids loved every minute💕 If you have any fundraising ideas please come along to one of our P&C meetings as we would love to hear them or for you to be involved. Many thanks. Sharon Cowley P&C Fundraising Committee 2021 T2 Colourrun Img 5895