VPS Update #7 relating to COVID-19


This is the latest update on our status and plans related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, we have created a form to submit questions so we can ensure we are addressing the things you want to know. You are still welcome to email me ([email protected]), especially if you have questions about a situation very specific to you or your family, but all questions are welcome on this form. We will do our best to respond individually.

Submit your questions at https://forms.gle/BAEbuB5e5MDMGaZ79

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Teachers at school are preparing an online platform for remote learning in Term 2.

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90% of parents have indicated they have Wi-Fi at home which is fantastic. Staff at Vasse Primary school will use Google Classrooms (lesson/activity information), Zoom video conferencing (to connect with students daily) and Dojo (to communicate with parents). It would pay for parents to start familiarising themselves with these programs particularly Zoom.

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This information comes from Department of Education in conjunction with Department of Health and comprehensive review of all available factual information. Each decision we make is based on analysis of all of this information, consultation with experts, and coordination with local and state agencies.

This page was last updated and is current as at Monday 6th April, 2.30pm and will be updated regularly

There is no new information for schools from the State or Federal Government for Term 2.

  • We will continue to progress to develop learning programs in a remote capacity from home.
  • Work packs will be available for only those parents that don’t have internet access. Please contact the  school via [email protected] or call 9746 3700if you will require a work pack. The work pack is a replication of the online material, there is nothing new in the work pack.
  • I have requested teachers limit the amount of online material requiring printing.
  • Students will have a Zoom conference with their teachers every day for a maximum of 15mins, each year level staggered over the day.
  • Google Classrooms is where the activities will be stored. At the start of next term you will receive simple clear login instructions which will take you directly to the required page.
  • Staff will be your first point of call via dojo for curriculum issues, we don’t expect you to be curriculum experts. We will have a google form for technical support which you can access and we will support you straight away.
  • Kindy, PP will look very different. All students will receive a pack to start the term with a number of items included in the pack required for the term. More information to follow.

Thank you once again to Suzie and Grant Adams, from Vasse Strength and Conditioning, who have prepared another workout video for you to do at home with your children.

Please click https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HjQ7D21EY_AFqBixFHLRBVk4x_YAcp87?usp=sharing

All other information as per previous advisories.

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