Wicked Fun for Year 3’s on Friday’s


There is always a buzz of excitement and questions from Year 3 on a Friday morning. 

“I wonder what we will be making today?”

“I hope we can harvest some vegetables today!”

“Do we really have to go back to class?”


This is all with thanks to the amazing people who run our school’s Kitchen Garden, Lisa Pointon and chef Dan Ninness. Under the guidance of Lisa and Dan, the students have gained some life skills about harvesting, cooking and making healthy eating choices as well as trying food that some students have not tried before, with a sense of passion and excitement. Students have learnt how to come together to create experiences that are memorable for all.

As we say goodbye to Lisa this week, we would like to thank her for all she has taught and the knowledge she passed onto the Year 3 cohorts over the last few years. Her fantastic work will be remembered by all.

Year 3 Staff and Students

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