2022 NAIDOC Medal of Excellence

2022 Naidoc Medal Of Excellence 1

Congratulations to Chloe P who competed in the 2022 NAIDOC Week School Initiative Competition – an initiative of Koori Kids and the Department of Education whose aim was to provide our kids with a greater understanding on the importance of friendship and cultural diversity.

A panel of adjudicators included Aboriginal Elders, Agency delegates and other members of the community judged colouring-in/poetry writing/short story writing and creative essay writing competitions.

At an awards presentation held in Sydney during NAIDOC Week, these competitions and their purpose were praised “The initiative we are here to celebrate today provides a perfect illustration of how the public awareness has been raised around these issues in recent times. the driving force behind this initiative has been Dylan Williams who clearly saw NAIDOC as a perfect opportunity to bring Australians together.”

Chloe’s poem titled ‘Respecting Culture’ was a winner and Chloe was one of 25 award recipients across the state in a competition that was open to all primary and secondary school students.

Acting Principal Darryl Owen presented Chloe with the medal at Assembly on 17 October 2022.

2022 Naidoc Medal Of Excellence 2

Respecting Culture

What is culture?
Culture is key,
every culture is different,
it’s easy can’t you see.

There is a connection to everything,
sky, land and sea.

The Earth is home,
where culture blooms,
anything is possible,
with a positive tune.

Just look around and you will see,
that culture is waiting,
for you not me.

Our culture is beautiful,
its filled with glee,
come along and you will see,
our cultures are more precious,
than diamonds at sea.

by Chloe P, Year 6

2022 Naidoc Medal Of Excellence 3

2022 NAIDOC Medal of Excellence

Congratulations Chloe
pictured with AIEO
Gemma Bynder