Community member praises our students

Community Member Praises Our Students 1

Last Friday the entire Year 6 cohort descended on the Busselton foreshore.

In final preparations for camp every student and staff member rode their bikes on a 14km round trip. While at the foreshore students and staff took time to enjoy the playground.

As a principal it gives me goosebumps when a member of the public takes the time to share their positive experience with students.

Dear Principal,

My four year old grandson and I were at the Busselton Foreshore playground on Friday 14th October about midday for an hour or more.

There were a large group of Year 6 students, I assume, and staff from Vasse Primary School who had cycled to the foreshore from their school.
I would like to commend the Vasse Primary School students and staff for their friendliness, consideration of a four year old boy playing amongst the students and their general behaviour.

I asked a couple of the students, two girls, had they cycled from Vasse and how many kilometres that was.  They were clear and confident in their responses, including when my grandson asked how old they were.

My grandson also played on the rope playground equipment and encountered some difficulty which a female staff member offered to assist with, and one female student helping him to make sure he could get to a more secure position.

I also noticed when the staff members asked the students to leave the playground equipment and group on the grass for some discussion or instructions they did so immediately.

Well done to the students and staff involved on this excursion.

Community Member

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