2023 VPS Cross Country Race Day

2023 Vps Cross Country Race Day 1

On Friday 4 August, students from Years 1 to 6 competed in our Faction Cross Country Race Day. The weather was gloriously sunny with no wind (a relief after Wednesday’s wet day), and perfect condition to run. All students participated enthusiastically in the event and tried their best, with many students training in their own time.  

Years 1 to 2 ran 600m (1 lap). Year 3’s ran 1.2km (2 laps). Year 4’s ran 1.8km (3 laps), Year 5’s ran 2.4km (4 laps) and Year 6’s ran 3km (5 laps) of the course. All students who participated earnt faction points towards Vasse PS Faction Carnival Day on Friday 20 Oct. The top 4 Cross Country Runners earnt extra points towards each faction’s overall Champion Individual Medals on Carnival Day. 

The top 5 runners in Years 3 – 6 will be selected for the VPS Cross Country team to compete in the 2023 Interschool Cross Country in Margaret River on Friday 15 Sept.

A huge thank you to the Cape Naturaliste College Head of Dept Greg Hopkins for his support and to the Year 11 students and who played a big part by assisting as starters, timers, scribers, and placing. This event was the best one yet with your help.

Well done to all students who participated. See our winners below, an amazing effort by all.

VPS Cross Country Results: Bardinar – Red • Djidong – Gold • Koomal – Blue • Kwooyar – Green

2023 Cross Country RacePlacingNameFaction
Year 1
1stBrielle K 2m.08sBardinar
Phoenix J 2m.02sDjidong
2ndMaya K 2m.19sKoomal
Ethan S 2m.05sDjidong
3rdMillar R 2m.20sKwooyar
Oaklyn M 2m.06sDjidong
4thZoe FKwooyar
Ryan GDjidong
2023 Cross Country RacePlacingNameFaction
Year 2
1stJayda Mc 1m.55sKoomal
Hamish Mc 1m.53sDjidong
2ndElvina F 1m.56sKwooyar
Jackson G 1m.55sBardinar
3rdScarlett J 2m.03sDjidong
Logan W 1m.58sKwooyar
4thMila DKoomal
Jordan GBardinar
2023 Cross Country RacePlacingNameFaction
Year 3
1stZara H timer errorKoomal
Arie W 4m.00sKoomal
2ndEmelia D timer errorBardinar
Harrison R 4m.03sKwooyar
3rdAmelia P timer errorKwooyar
Levi A 4m.10sKwooyar
4thBella CDjidong
Jack RKwooyar
5thAbigail WDjidong
Archie GDjidong
2023 Cross Country RacePlacingNameFaction
Year 4
1stLeah A 6m.38sDjidong
Harrison G 6m.13sBardinar
2ndDakota W 6m.46sBardinar
Samual F  6m.18sKwooyar
3rdEbony B 6m.55sDjidong
Mio M 6m.19sKoomal
4thViolet CDjidong
Ted WKoomal
5thJali BKoomal
Taylor McKoomal
2023 Cross Country RacePlacingNameFaction
Year 5
1stEvie C 8m.44sKoomal
Jack D 8m.15sKoomal
2ndTanami W 8m.47sKwooyar
Ari S 8m.20sKoomal
3rdBronte Mc 9m.28sKoomal
Zac H 8m.33sBardinar
4thMyah SBardinar
Brodie DKoomal
5thIvy HBardinar
Jack SKwooyar
2023 Cross Country RacePlacingNameFaction
Year 6
1stRay A 12m.16sKwooyar
Archer B 10m.37sDjidong
2ndBonnii E 12m.24sDjidong
Jackson C 11m.14sKwooyar
3rdKiara J 13m.27sBardinar
Ajai B 11m.22sDjidong
4thLaila ADjidong
Ben PKwooyar
5thAyla McKwooyar
Levi RDjidong