Chicken Club Sausage Sizzle & Busy Bee

Chicken Club Sausage Sizzle &Amp; Busy Bee 1

On Saturday 8 October the Chicken Club held a Sausage Sizzle fundraiser at Bunnings. Thank you so much to everyone in the community who supported us on the day of our fundraiser and to all the Vasse families who helped out. The money raised will go towards Apple Pie, Cinnamon and Curry Puff’s newly renovated chicken coop upkeep and the Zen Garden.

We also want to thank Esther (Be Your Best Bee) for stopping by to smell the flowers and bring so much joy to our fundraiser and the broader Busselton community. It was wonderful to have Esther there, sharing the message to always ‘Be our Best’.

The success of our Bunnings sausage sizzle for the Chicken Club has overwhelmed us. We are grateful to have received such an amazing response from everyone.

Sausage Sizzle and Raffle Fundraiser.
Thank you to everyone who donated and helped on the day including;

  • Nadine and Dean Gittos (Conservative Sheds and Construction)
  • Rowlands Family
  • Fissioli Family
  • Craig Crampton (BMA Busselton Martial Arts)
  • Colleen Hayley (Kent Street Bakery)
  • Vasse Bakery
  • Coles Busselton Central
  • Amanda Chandler (PAR 3 Family Vouchers)
  • Stock Feeders
  • Lee-Anne Walker
  • Yvette Pradera
  • Chandler Family
  • Ninness Family
  • Crampton Family
  • Anderson Family
  • Richard Bullock
  • Viv Vallentine
  • Mat and Ava Van Ranzow
  • Piper Harrison-Ward

Chicken Club Coop Busy Bee

The students in the Chicken Club were thrilled to see all the renovations that took place in the chicken coop over the school holidays. It was an exciting surprise for them and they love using it.

Thank you to our Busy Bee helpers;

  • Gittos, Deckers, Rowlands, and Sefton Families for the team effort renovating the chicken coop and gardening.
  • The Gittos Family (Conservative Sheds and Construction) provided building supplies and the know-how and expertise in renovating the chicken run, tip runs, supplying and installing nesting boxes, and dine-a-chook waterer.
  • The Decker Family for a home-baked lunch and sweet treats and for assisting with all the coop renovations.
  • The Rowland and Sefton Families for all your gardening assistance.

Chicken Club thanks you. Our students are in awe of all the effort put into the chicken coop to help prevent our escape artist Apple Pie Chicken from taking herself on nonsupervised walks. The Chicken coop looks amazing!!

And we have now started incubating our new chicks for next year’s Chicken Club.
The students are beyond excited to welcome and care for the new arrivals.

None of this would have been possible without the generous donations and support we received from the community. Thank you to everyone who participated in our busy bee and fundraisers. Your contributions have made a significant impact on the success of the Chicken Club.

Again, a big thank you from all of us at the Chicken Club. We are truly grateful for your support.

Kylie Van Ranzow
Chicken Club Coordinator