Students can now play PickleBall at Vasse PS

Students Can Now Play Pickleball At Vasse Ps 1

Thank you to Deb Gibson who donated a set of PickleBall Equipment to Vasse PS.

I visited Vasse PS on the 12th of October to donate some Pickleball equipment with a set and paddles so the students could begin to learn and play this new and exciting sport which is great for all ages 6+ and abilities.

I was taught to play in Vancouver BC Canada 🇨🇦 in 2016 as it was huge there then. As a Phys. Ed. teacher myself I could see the merit for students of all ages, so I brought equipment home with me.

I play in Busselton at the Tennis Centre but I participated at the Vasse open day Oct 8 where I introduced William (Year 1) to PickleBall. I promised I would deliver some gear, so I followed up as I know how keen he is and he can play with his school buddies and teach them.

It works brilliantly when senior students in years 5-6 buddy up and teach the younger ones.

Debbie Gibson 
Busselton Boomers Pickleball

The golden rules are

  1. Have fun and be friendly 
  2. Respect one another and enjoy mixed teams of boys and girls v girls and boys.
  3. Must serve under arm
  4. The double bounce rule once on either side…is needed before you begin to volley…(adults may need to demonstrate that aspect)
  5. No scores are kept until an adult becomes the referee…so simply play for enjoyment and exercise.
    I did not score until my second year of playing.
Students Can Now Play Pickleball At Vasse Ps 2

LATEST UPDATE: Busselton Boomers Pickleball has officially been launched at the Busselton Tennis Centre.

Come along to the Busselton Tennis Centre this Friday 3 Nov 4:30 – 6:30 pm for either;

  1. Have a Hit-Tennis session for all the family is on . Bar facilities open and a sausage sizzle.
  2. or PLAY Pickleball – all gear provided $10 for a two-hour session. Students over 8 can join in the fun.